Being willing to show up and speak out can be one of the most intimidating notions for a person. I believe that we experience the most growth when we are uncomfortably on the edges of our experiences. In order to make any sort of impact on this world, we must be willing to take a leap of faith, get out of our comfort zones, and seek new opportunities and experiences. 

By being and showing the truest version of ourselves, we are better able to speak our truths. If we do not show up with the most genuine, authentic version of ourselves, we are unable to make honest connections with one another and grow as individuals.

I believe that each and every one of us has our own story to tell, and I believe that it is our nature to want to share those stories with one another. We have been doing exactly this since the beginning of time; though doing so no longer looks like drawings on a cave wall, we still crave the connection that comes as a result of storytelling. By sharing our lived experiences with one another, we are better able to educate those we interact with and broaden their perspective horizons. 

Photo by  Sarah Valencia .

Photo by Sarah Valencia.