New days in a new department

 For the most part, I'm a people person. I may joke about not liking people occasionally because they have feelings or act in a less than intelligent manner, but overall I enjoy my time in the presence of others.

However, some days you just need to take some space away from people who want to interact with you to reflect or think or write or work or simply relax. And today is simply one of those days, which has resulted in me camping out in a local coffee shop with my headphones in, a to-do list to work on, and a good book to read (And if I'm feeling extra adventurous maybe I'll even write some slam poetry - who knows, the possibilities are endless here!). Taking this time to focus on myself means I get to do some needed self reflection, which never hurts.

Today was the first day of headstaff training! It was a fairly basic, slow paced day. We discussed what training would look like and went through an overview of the department and how to best handle the transition to Florida State. Being the type-A person that I am, even this relaxed, beginning session was great. Finally having a schedule in my hands that outlines when and where I need to be these next few weeks has taken away a great deal of the anxiety I've felt since prepping for and transitioning into making FSU my new home. But now that I've put dates and times into my wonderful planner (aka my best friend and life partner) I can simply sit back, relax, and hopefully enjoy everything that I learn from these new and wonderful professionals I'll have the opportunity to work with these next two years.

This morning made me really hopeful and excited for what's to come. I know that there are going to be a great number of challenges that I'll have to face, both professionally and personally. However, I know I'm going to have the opportunity to learn a number of new things, which is something I've always enjoyed doing. I'm also incredibly excited for the people I'm going to meet. Everyone brings something different to the table, and having the number of people here that I do that I can learn from is wonderful. I'm excited to hopefully find some new mentors, to find people that are inspiring and encouraging, and to help others learn while also learning things myself. So far (though I will admit that it's incredibly early on in the game), it looks like I'll be able to get all of that and more.

All in all, today was a really great day. Can't ask for much more than that.