Lisa M. Gilbert

creative • warrior woman • storyteller




“travel slow under this desert sun.” – morgan harper nichols

Born in a tiny town in the south suburbs of Chicago, I appreciate good pizza, the magic moments you can only get from your hometown sports teams, and booping snoots. I’ve been a dog mom for four years, a cat mom for just shy of two years, and a fiancée for ten months. I call the mountains home, though I’ll never say no to a day with my toes in the ocean or exploring city streets.

I’m a creative and advocate currently working as a Residence Director in Fort Collins, CO. I’ve been working in Student Affairs for the last 6 years, serving residential students on college campuses. Impactful as my work in Housing is, though, I’ve begun looking to my next adventure.

I believe we all have a story to share with the world, and that every word of our stories matter. To me, one of the best ways that we can advocate for ourselves and for others is through the art of storytelling. Here’s to the power of words.



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